Boston, MA
Westin Copley Place
June 13-14, 2019

Reality Check: Common Misconceptions of AI in Healthcare

June 14, 2019
8:35am - 9:10am
America Ballroom

World-renowned artificial intelligence expert Anthony Chang, MD, advocates passionately to use AI and innovation to transform global healthcare for both children and adults. In this keynote, which kicks off a full day of talks focused on implementing AI in healthcare, Dr. Chang cuts through the hype to addresses some common misconceptions regarding the use of AI and data science in healthcare and medicine.

  • First, physicians will not to be replaced, but a job reconfiguration will be necessary for some subspecialties.
  • Second, AI is not only about deep learning and medical image interpretation or decision support. It’s also about the use of myriad other tools in the portfolio like cognitive computing and robotic process automation.
  • Third, AI will return joy to the practice of healthcare by mitigating the mounting burden of electronic health record.
  • Finally, future challenges for AI in medicine and healthcare will be in the realms of ethics, bias, and a more intelligent AI in the form of cognitive architecture.


Anthony Chang

Chief Intelligence and Innovation Officer
CHOC Children

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