Boston, MA
Westin Copley Place
June 13-14, 2019

Anthony Chang

Chief Intelligence and Innovation Officer
CHOC Children

Dr. Chang attended Johns Hopkins University for his B.A. in molecular biology prior to entering Georgetown University School of Medicine for his M.D. He then completed his pediatric residency at Children Hospital National Medical Center and his pediatric cardiology fellowship at Children Hospital of Philadelphia.

He accepted a position as attending cardiologist in the cardiovascular intensive care unit of Boston Children Hospital and as assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. He has been the medical director of several pediatric cardiac intensive care programs (including Children Hospital of Los Angeles and Texas Children Hospital) and is currently the medical director of the heart institute at Children Hospital of Orange County. He is a committee member of the National Institute of Health pediatric grant review committee. He is also known for several innovations in pediatric cardiac care, including introducing the cardiac drug milrinone and co-designing (with Dr. Michael DeBakey) the axial-type ventricular assist device in children.

He has completed a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Health Care Administration at the University of Miami School of Business and graduated with the McCaw Award of Academic Excellence. He also completed a Masters in Public Health (MPH) in Health Care Policy at the Jonathan Fielding School of Public Health of the University of California, Los Angeles and graduated with the Dean Award for Academic Excellence. He is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Biomedical Informatics with a sub-specialization in Artificial Intelligence at Stanford School of Medicine.

He is the founder and medical director of the nascent Medical Intelligence and Innovation Institute (MI3) that is supported by the Sharon Disney Lund Foundation. The institute is dedicated to implement data science and artificial intelligence in medicine and is the first institute of its kind in a hospital. The new institute is concomitantly dedicated to facilitate innovation in children health care all over the world. He is the organizing chair for the biennial Pediatrics2040: Emerging Trends and Future Innovations meeting as well as the director of the Medical Intelligence and Innovation Summer Internship Program, which mentors about 10-20 young physicians-to-be every summer.

June 14, 2019
8:35am - 9:05am
America Ballroom

World-renowned artificial intelligence expert Anthony Chang, MD, advocates passionately to use AI and innovation to transform global healthcare for both children and adults. In this keynote talk, which kicks off a full day of talks focused on implementing AI in healthcare, Dr. Chang cuts through the hype to addresses some common misconceptions regarding the use of AI and data science in healthcare and medicine.

  • First, physicians will not to be replaced, but a job reconfiguration will be necessary for some subspecialties.
  • Second, AI is not only about deep learning and medical image interpretation or decision support. It’s also about the use of myriad other tools in the portfolio like cognitive computing and robotic process automation.
  • Third, AI will return joy to the practice of healthcare by mitigating the mounting burden of electronic health record.
  • Finally, future challenges for AI in medicine and healthcare will be in the realms of ethics, bias, and a more intelligent AI in the form of cognitive architecture.

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