Boston, MA
Westin Copley Place
June 13-14, 2019

Frank Cutitta

Senior Director of Content Analytics and founder of HIMSS Media Lab

Frank Cutitta is the senior director, Center for Content Analytics at HIMSS Media after serving on the HIMSS Board of Directors for six years. He specializes in the neuroscience of HIT buyers and the need for content to throw data exhaust, in an effort to avoid “random acts of content”. He has been recognized as one of the media industry’s top 40 innovators and influencers. Frank served for two decades as head of international at International Data Group where he worked on launches in over 90 countries and headed the first Soviet/American media joint venture in 1988. He subsequently served as CEO of the International Advertising Association and as the founder of the Center for Global Branding where his Weapons of Mass Discussion® practice specialized in driving social media conversations in business and governments. Frank has been prolific writer and researcher on cross-cultural communications, the co-evolution of marketing, IT and data science, and on the evolution of smart cities around the world. He is a graduate professor and doctoral candidate at Northeastern University in Boston. During his free time he produces “opinionated” beef jerky and teaches snowboarding to mature beginners as part of his Grays on Trays® program.

June 13, 2019
4:50pm - 5:00pm
Grand Ballroom
June 13, 2019
3:10pm - 3:45pm
America Ballroom

In 2014, the Cleveland Clinic embarked on an enterprise analytics (EA) strategy to maintain leadership in the market and allow the organization to compete with the emergence of value-based care. 

To be successful, two critical shifts needed to happen within the organization. One, the strategy could not just focus on technology. Clinical and business leaders needed to play an integral role in driving success and recognizing value.

In this session, attendees will hear how the clinic developed a strategy based on four pillars - data, people, process and technology - and aligned to enterprise strategic initiatives.

To succeed, the organization had to change its philosophy and valuation of the data. Data needed to be managed as an enterprise asset and an investment – and made accessible.

Key discussion points

  • How to keep from falling back into old ways and creating a sustainable model for advanced analytics.
  • Real-life use cases.
  • Show hard dollar savings from investments in data and analytics platforms.
  • How to continually engage end-users – new and existing customers.
  • Best practices to ensure projects get completed.
  • Where the clinic continues to struggle and its targets for improvement.

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