HIMSS18 Annual Conference
Wynn Las Vegas
Mar. 5, 2018

Mark Sendak

Population Health & Data Science Lead
Duke Institute for Health Innovation

Mark Sendak, MD, MPP is the Population Health & Data Science Lead at the Duke Institute for Health Innovation, where he leads interdisciplinary teams of data scientists, clinicians, and machine learning experts to build technologies that solve real clinical problems within DukeHealth. He has built tools to support Duke’s high-utilizer program, chronic disease management within a Medicare Accountable Care Organization, and inpatient deterioration management within Duke University Hospital. He leads a medical student innovation scholarship and hopes to build the technology infrastructure and train the workforce required to bring medicine into a new digital age. He obtained his Bachelors of Science in Mathematics from UCLA.

March 5, 2018
12:10pm - 12:40pm

Despite excitement surrounding machine learning in healthcare, examples of full-fledged integration in day-to-day health system operations remains the exception, not the rule. Duke’s Institute for Health Innovation is in its third year developing and piloting machine learning technologies in clinical care.

To benefit from the full potential of machine learning, healthcare must step back from the trenches to acknowledge breakthroughs in technology, address barriers to progress, and critically reflect on the strategic priorities necessary to bring healthcare into a new digital age.

In this session, speakers will address the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to machine learning in healthcare.

Key discussion points:

  • New career development opportunities must be created for clinical trainees to develop next-generation technologies.
  • Methodology and infrastructure must be developed to ensure robust machine learning model performance despite dynamic EHR data.
  • Healthcare must shift focus from celebrating isolated successes to fostering an ecosystem that supports exponential growth of interactions.
March 5, 2018
12:40pm - 1:00pm

One of the best ways learn is to network with your peers. This session will provide an opportunity to meet speakers and attendees who have similar privacy and security challenges and discuss solutions to those challenges.

Here's how it works:

Speakers will be stationed at different tables in the ballroom, and attendees can circulate and speak one-on-one or in groups with individual speakers. The speakers have been assigned different topics, but other topics can also be addressed.

Mingle, share and learn in this interactive environment.

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